January 20, 2010

Satin-like Square Scarf

Pretty scarves to spice up your outfit! Tie it to your bag or wear it around your neck. There are just too many ways to tie a scarf!

One piece only for each design. Hurry and grab yours now!
All photos are real photos of the scarves

S001 Butterfly Blues

S002 Hankie Pinkie

S003 Chocolate Balls

S004 Sexy Checks (SOLD)

S005 Chain Brownies

S006 Polka Green (SOLD)

S007 Light Hankie Pinkie

S008 Fireworks Boom (SOLD)

S009 Checks & Chains

S010 Neon Boxes

S011 Sailor Flower

Price: RM10 per piece
Measurements: 20" x 20" (50cm x 50cm)
Material: Polyester (feels like satin)

p/s: Flower thingy not included. :P